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Vet In Practice @ Bristol University

Bristol university
Bristol university

I have just started veterinary school at Bristol University and thought I would keep this blog as a diary of my time there.

My name is Emma and I have just turned 18, last week was my first week at my new University to learn veterinary science, that's right, I am an animal lover and wish to become a vet! Maybe even travel to Africa or Asia and work out there once I am fully qualified!

So I have now been in the amazing city of Bristol three weeks and I am loving every single minute of it! The city, the history, the people, the university, the course, I love it all! I couldn't wish for a better setting or better people to be on a course with, a course that is gonna last quite some time!

After doing the whole fresher's week and getting very drunk and doing what young people do I finally settled in and got started on this amazingly interesting course. While other friends I have made from my halls are moaning about their various courses in English, Politics and whatever else, I am absolutely loving mine!

Our first few weeks has been nothing more than simple stuff to break us all in, probably best due to the hangovers we have all had these first few weeks as we have gotten use to life away from our parents. However, I had to ring the bank of mother and father on one occasion, I realised I didn't have a stethoscope and so needed one ASAP. I spent hours looking through stethoscope reviews, who knew that they don't make animal specific ones? I eventually ordered one for £110, not the cheapest, but should last me sometime.

Apart from that minor issue I've been pretty independent, getting myself a job within the first two weeks at a local student bar. Hopefully this coupled with the 'allowance' my parent are giving me will be enough to see me through heavy nights out and food nights in. I seem to have spent a lot of time checking out the history of the city, I even took a trip down the road to Bath, where I saw the famous Roman baths and all that incredible city has to offer.

Back to the week we start getting a little more serious, our induction is now over, and the real work begins, I shall update my blog with what's going on in the next few weeks! Wish me luck!